Saturday Morning Bling, Or the Eclipse Made Me Do It

Maybe it is the celestial power of the upcoming eclipse but I was inspired to create some heavenly New jewelry, including Indian glass beads, our Genie Bottle earrings, Tower of Skellies, and Vegas Baubles. We'll get these up in the shop shortly. Have a great weekend everyone and don't look directly at the sun!

Something Wicked This Way Comes....

Halloween is just around the corner and here at The Lush Lemon Headquarters, that is a time for celebrating because we love Halloween. This year, we are going to have some adorable pillows available in purple and orange, based on the amazing headstone carvings of Boston. A big thanks to Bad Bee designs for letting us use the design. Here's a sneak peak:
In addition to our Boston Skellie Pillows, we will have some great jewelry in spooky color combos and coming next, some Luchador mask earrings we think you will enjoy. Get ready because autumn is coming.

Works in Progress, Monkey Approved

The Lush Lemon minion is hard at work making new items, but I took a break to find a few vintage items at my local thrift store, including an awesome monkey coconut. He has now been christened "Eye", after my favorite new addiction, The Hawaiian Eye (google this amazing early 60s TV show, and feel free to call me Cricket if you ever run into me).

I also picked up the bits and bobs for some cool new cigar box purses, so keep your "Eye" out for those (get it??).

Rock-A-Hula Dance Party in Seattle

The tiki community is alive and well in Seattle and it came out for International Tiki Day to celebrate at the Rock-A-Hula Dance Party at Club Sur in Seattle. There was great bands, excellent Cuban food, a big dance floor, and plenty of drinks for those so inclined. We had a marvelous time and especially enjoyed hearing the Tikigraphs. Here are some snaps from the event:

New coasters hitting the shop

How many of these classic Tiki drinks have you had? Our heavy cardstock coasters are good for several uses and serve as a checklist in case you have one too many Zombies. Pick up a set of 4 or 6 at the Etsy shop. They are a Lush Lemon exclusive.

Latitude 29 - Review

In a town like New Orleans, with so many amazing bars and restaurants, how does a place stand out? Fortunately for Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29, they seem to have found the magic ingredient to put them on the short list of must-see bars. Maybe it is loyalty of tiki fans, maybe it is the amazing drinks and the creative bartending, maybe it is Beachbum Berry himself - or perhaps some kind of gumbo mix of all three.

I had the good fortune to visit Latitude 29 in late July, when the heat and humidity fall somewhere between uncomfortably sticky to melting puddle on the ground. As with every bar and restaurant I visited, the temperature inside is crisp enough to keep lettuce and for me, that is a very good thing. Others might want to have a light sweater with them to put on when transitioning from the outdoors to the indoors. The actual bar itself isn't overly large - maybe a dozen seats in front of the bartender. I gratefully took a spot in front of the bartender because I wanted t…

Weathered Tiki - first in the series

Channeling my inner Bob Ross again, this time with a weathered tiki as inspiration. Here's the first in the series.