Dark and Stormy - October's drink of the month

Admit it, you thought I was going with Zombie right? It seems the obvious choice for October. I am a fan of the Zombie but I don't reserve it just for Halloween. No, for October's drink of month, I decided to go with a classic and the start of all good scary stories ( was a dark and stormy night) with the Dark and Stormy.

Now if we spelled it "Dark 'n' Stormy" that is trademarked by Gosling's Black rum. The history of this official drink of Bermuda is that the Gosling rum family made it in the 1800's and by the 1850's, naval officers were mixing it with ginger beer, looking for a remedy for seasickness. The drink was born. The trademarked recipe is Gosling's black rum and ginger beer - and nothing else. Those who want lime juice in theirs better use "and" or "&" instead of "n" in their titles.

October seems like the perfect month to settle in for a nice spooky story, on a night that is, well "dark an…

Pick your poison....

New earrings for your review - poisonous mushrooms or candy corn - pick your poison!

Thing certainly is useful

Look what Thing found for me in the Studio? Such a helpful Thing...

Welcome to The Halloween Ball

It's starting, strike up the band (play those bones, daddy-o) and get yourself a Zombie to drink. We are kicking off the party with a bit of trivia - go to our Facebook page to play along for the chance to win a spooky prize. No purchase necessary!

Get ready for some Tricky Trivia coming...

The Halloween Ball starts September 15...

The Navy Grog - September's Drink of the Month

Ahoy, Mateys - time for your ration of rum! Did you know that back in the 1740s, the British Royal Navy had rations of rum for their sailors? Well, Admiral Vernon at the time thought that straight rum was a little too potent for the boys, so he ordered his captains to dilute it with water. That must have been rather unpopular, I would guess, but according to the BGReynold's website, he ordered extra rations of lime and sugar to improve the flavor. Rum, sugar and lime - sounds like the makings of an excellent cocktail. The Navy Grog - certainly a cornerstone of the tiki fan cocktail menu - would make old Admiral Vernon pleased. Developed by Donn the Beachcomber in the 1940s, it has been gracing bar menus ever since. Give this grog a try if you haven't yet - although to make it up to Captain's orders, you would need an ice cone for the glass. A bunch of shaved ice will also work to keep it very frosty.  Bottom's Up.

Eye Need Help, Clearly

It's a beautiful 90 degree day in Seattle and I am inside making Halloween inspired hair ornaments and jewelry. Clearly, Eye need some help! (See what I did there? Lol)

All puns aside, fall is my favorite season so I can't wait to show you all the fun items we have coming your way. Be sure to follow us on Facebook (@TheLushLemon) to keep up with all the Halloween hEYEjinx.