It's Alive! Our Etsy shop...

The shop is up and though there is still work to do, come check it out on Etsy. Click here to visit - more items will be posted in the coming days.

Something with an umbrella in it...

Half of the fun of creative tiki cocktails is seeing the garnish that comes with it, whether it is a lovely orchid blossom, a pineapple frond or a tiny paper umbrella. There is something really appealing about those little umbrellas, fragile and whimsicle, skewered to a cherry or slice of lemon. What a shame that their moment in the sun (or candlelight) is so limited.

Well, why not bring those umbrellas out into the sun - literally. Here's a lovely hair clip with layers of hibiscus petals and umbrella accent. Shiny and bright like a new penny, one might say.

Something a bit more daring, with gathered tulle, deep purple and pink blooms with a little pink umbrella already partially open, just ready for the next drink.

Meet Phoebe - just fascinating

The British have a love affair with fascinators - those great hair accessories that are somewhere between a hat and just a hair clip. Our Phoebe isn't quite a true fascinator, but she is fascinating nonetheless. Black millinery veiling, gathered and secured to a hair comb provides the drama, with fuschia toned and pale pink blooms at the center and spilling down the veiling itself.

The Phoebe gives a touch of drama when you are looking for something with a pop of color and (dare I say it) fascinating bit of style for your look.

One Zombie leads to another...

Merch is coming, castaways....mmmmm, brains....

Meet Lana, Barbara and Ella

We think hair flowers have personalities (that's why they all have names) and these three have personality with a capital P. In the case of these three, they were all named for a legendary namesake - Lana Turner, Barbara Stanwyck and Ella Fitzgerald. Let's meet the ladies...
The Lana is the epitome of lush - a full Peony surrounded by hydrangea blossoms and greens, with a shell and wood bead accent. Head-turning, romantic and perfect for showcasing a classic coiffure.
The Barbara has a bit more edge to her, strong and bold, with angular leaves, felt accents and a single blossom to soften it all. Confident, a bit daring and blazing a new trail.
Finally, The Ella brings to mind the sweet sounds of an amazing voice and a classic performer. Two lovely white orchids, a wooden bead accent, and small rhinestones, add interest and a twist to piece that stands out from the band, always in harmony.

Links to the online shop are coming soon...

Review: Tacoma Cabana

On my first visit to Tacoma Cabana, I was impressed by the variety of experiences available there. If you wanted less atmosphere and more daylight (and the ability to read the extensive rum menu without using cellphone lights), the front of the restaurant has lovely large windows looking out onto Pacific avenue. If you want something darker and more classic tiki, with copious fish netting and paper lanterns, the large back area passed the bar will likely fit the bill. If you have a large group and want a bit more privacy, head on down the little hallway with the Maoi and find yourself in a separate space with less tiki but more of a VIP vibe.

After taking in the space, I went straight to heart of the matter and explored the extensive drink menu. There are exotic cocktails galore, including recreations of favorites from Trader Vic's and Don the Beachcomber, as well as unique creations and plenty of options for theatrical delivery.

 I tried a Zombie, which was very potent, and thos…

Exotica Sounds Scored at the Record Store

I was lucky to find two Martin Denny albums today at Hi Voltage Records. The Forbidden Island album is particularly in good shape, with the foiling on the tiki figure. I'll play the Enchanted Sea album since it is gently used but keep the other for the great art.