Meet Lana, Barbara and Ella

We think hair flowers have personalities (that's why they all have names) and these three have personality with a capital P. In the case of these three, they were all named for a legendary namesake - Lana Turner, Barbara Stanwyck and Ella Fitzgerald. Let's meet the ladies...
The Lana is the epitome of lush - a full Peony surrounded by hydrangea blossoms and greens, with a shell and wood bead accent. Head-turning, romantic and perfect for showcasing a classic coiffure.
The Barbara has a bit more edge to her, strong and bold, with angular leaves, felt accents and a single blossom to soften it all. Confident, a bit daring and blazing a new trail.
Finally, The Ella brings to mind the sweet sounds of an amazing voice and a classic performer. Two lovely white orchids, a wooden bead accent, and small rhinestones, add interest and a twist to piece that stands out from the band, always in harmony.

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